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Manage and improve your customer experience in real time.

Patients are increasingly relying on social media to choose their healthcare providers. Many practices have therefore selected patient satisfaction as one of their key organization performance indicators.

PatientAngle™ provides you an easy way to measure the level of your patients’ satisfaction. Furthermore, it makes patients’ feedback available to the respective responsible staff in your practice in real time. The actions that the staff take are also recorded in the system so they can be reviewed by management at any level.

When your staff takes corrective actions to address a patient complaint, it not only reduces the possibility of the patient switching service provider, but also possibility of a bad review on one or more social media. These corrective actions create a continuous improvement cycle in your practice which will result in happy customers and happy staff, not mentioning increased revenue.

Your staff and management can see the overall trends in patient satisfaction in areas that they are responsible for. When you have such strong internal benchmarks, it won’t be hard to identify areas that your management team needs to focus.

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