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Dr. Will Sawyer – Founder of Henry the Hand Foundation – shares important insight on handwashing – including the 4 principles of hand awareness and the T zone. Spread the Word –  Not the Germ!      


Having spent almost 19 years on this mission, I am beginning to appreciate the battle Ignaz Semmelweis MD went through with the Austrian Medical Society and John Snow MD went through with the London Public Health system trying to increase their awareness about Puerperal Fever (Child birth fever) in the 1840’s and Cholera, back in the mid 1860’s respectively, which took about 20 years for either discovery to be accepted.

We can not afford to take another 20 years to accept the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness as a method to protect the Public from infectious disease and the potential outbreaks, as too many innocent (unaware) people will suffer needlessly.

Henry the Hand Foundation is a “grass roots” non-profit organization stretching our resources to share Henry’s Hand Awareness message with children and adults across the globe and Henry is asking if you can “give us a hand”.  We encourage parents and health professionals to “Adopt a School” (daycare, Head Start program, pre-school or school in their community to act as ambassadors for Henry’s packaged program which allows them to take a leadership role in teaching health education.

Thank you for helping to “Spread the Word, Not the Germs!”!


Dr. Will

Solo Family Medicine physician

creator of the Henry the Hand Foundation and Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher

We encourage OUR friends and family to  “GIVE US A HAND”.

” Dr. Will “

William P. Sawyer, MD